Leaf Pick-up in Valparaiso
Posted on Oct 14th, 2015

Leaf pickup in Valparaiso will run from 10/19 thru 11/20.  The days in Sierra are not set as pick-up will vary based upon demand.  When it comes to leaves, remember:
•    Crews begin at 7:00 a.m. and continue until dark, if necessary.
•    Leave your leaves near the curb in the right-of-way (between the sidewalk and curb) – off the street — for pick up. 
•    Leaves should be the only thing in the pile – no sticks, bricks, boards or other items. Public Works cannot pick up mixed piles with brush and leaves together until separated by the resident.  Public Works does not pick up any debris from contractors, regardless of the time of year.
•    Additional items should be placed off the street, near the curb.
•    Please park cars away from your leaf pile so that we can get close enough to remove all of your leaves.
•    Although it’s preferable to leave leaves unbagged and uncovered through Nov. 20, leaves may be placed in biodegradable bags (NO plastic) or covered with a tarp at the curb to prevent them from blowing.

Please bag any leaves remaining after the leaf pick-up season ends on Nov. 20.
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