Security Tips for Sierra Residents
Posted on May 9th, 2018

It is well known that Valparaiso enjoys the benefits of being one of the safest community's in the Region.  However, this is not by happenstance, it's because Valparaiso residents are proactive about neighborhood safety.  Here are 8 tips for keeping your property as safe as possible:
1) Upgrade your lighting.  Add motion sensors to perimeter lights and make sure that dark corners are addressed.
2) Trim back landscaping.  Overgrown landscaping provides places to hide.  Moreover, trimmed landscaping provides pride of ownership awareness which also discourages unwanted visitors.
3) Be proactive.  It makes sense to lock doors and windows when you leave, but doing so while you're home adds another level of security.  Lock your cars, and be sure to place anything of value in the trunk so nighttime visitors are not encouraged to break into the vehicle.
4) Invest in cameras.  Wireless technology has made it possible (and affordable) to monitor your home from your smartphone.
5) Reach out to the police.  If you have a concern, feel free to call the Valparaiso Police Department (462.2135) and ask them to patrol Sierra.  They will be glad to assist.
6) Keep an eye on your neighbors.  We all know the normal pattern of life of our neighbors.  If something seems amiss, feel free to greet them when you see them to make sure all is o.k.   If they aren't appearing for one reason or another, more assertive help may be in order.
7.  Keep everyone informed.  Should you experience a theft or break-in, inform the HOA so we can keep the neighborhood aware of what's happening in Sierra.
8. Encourage cooperation.  The more the neighborhood communicates and looks out for one another, the harder it'll be for potential criminals to succeed.
The most common phrase today is, "If you see something, say something."   Keeping an eye on the neighborhood makes great sense for all of us.
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