Best Ribs Ever
Posted on Jun 16th, 2018

If you were at the first BBQ of the summer then you most likely had a chance to sample Jim Brown's fantastic spare ribs.   He has a secret method to getting them just perfect.
Jim is about to make another batch.  If you'd like him to cook some up for you, he charges $15/rack.  He pre-cooks them with his own special rub and delivers them too your door.  You can freeze them and then cook them with your favorite BBQ sauce when you're ready to eat them.
I bought some of Jim's last batch.  I had to hide some of them because Gail was cooking them for breakfast, lunch and dinner they were so good.  I'm definitely picking some up again!
Deadline for orders is Tuesday, June 19th.  Get your orders in now for a fantastic meal on the Fourth of July!  Jim can be reached at:
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